At BAS BV, we transform your innovative ideas into customized products. Collaboratively, we establish detailed specifications based on your unique requirements. Our expert engineering team designs products using the latest technologies and ensures compliance with all regulatory standards.

Custom engineering is at the heart of our business. We focus on creating innovative, cost-effective products for your market. Our designs are regulatory certified and production-ready. Choose BAS BV for expert customized engineering solutions.

BAS BV excels in hardware design for a wide range of applications, from basic to high-safety. We manage every step from concept to manufacturing, ensuring superior signal, power, and thermal integrity using our advanced PCB software tools.

Our in-house prototyping accelerates output and reduces rework costs, providing efficient, reliable solutions for your projects. Choose BAS BV for top-tier hardware design and prototyping services.

Specializing in data analysis from physical sensors, BAS BV develops algorithms to detect specific phenomena. We model pressure sensor curves, optical sensor wavelengths, and oxygen sensor patterns with precision.

These models are converted into embedded software for custom sensor products, and we research and test the best core sensor elements for your applications. Choose BAS BV for expert algorithm development and sensor optimization.

To enhance field servicing, BAS BV creates customized software tools for service engineers. Our software standardizes service visits, simplifies problem detection and resolution, and generates detailed reports with graphs and pictures.

Our web-based, multi-platform software supports various user access levels based on technician skills and service requirements, integrating seamlessly with customer databases. Choose BAS BV for advanced, efficient service tools.

BAS BV designs Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) that facilitate direct interaction between customers’ processes/equipment and safety control systems. To ensure clarity and eliminate misinterpretation, we design GUIs in close collaboration with end users. Choose BAS BV for user-focused, reliable GUI design.

BAS BV helps reduce risks in Electronic and Programmable Electronic systems by adhering to international functional safety standards (IEC61508, IEC61511, IEC62061). We use our in-house application experience and active involvement in the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) to assist customers in achieving successful functional safety assessments. Choose BAS BV for expert SIL certification and consulting.

With over 25 years of experience, BAS BV supports customers in certifying equipment and protective systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX, IECeX, UKCA, FM, UL, CSA). Our team’s membership in technical committees within CEN and IEC ensures successful certification projects. Choose BAS BV for expert explosion protection certification.

BAS BV enhances the reliability of existing techniques by integrating process, operator, and environmental variables into a unified mathematical framework with optimal models. We participate in the technical committee assessing the conformity of protective devices with machine learning approaches to the EU Machinery Regulation 2023/1230, ensuring the protection of persons. Choose BAS BV for advanced AI-driven protective device solutions.

BAS BV operates a manufacturing space of several hundred square meters where we produce, assemble, test, and package customer products. Our qualified personnel prioritize zero defects and on-time delivery as key performance indicators.

Our quality system for design and production is annually audited by Bureau Veritas to maintain our ISO 9001 certificate and by INERIS for our ATEX and IECeX quality certificates. Choose BAS BV for high-quality, reliable manufacturing.

BAS BV offers cloud software and storage solutions, providing private, customer-specific storage in a TIER4 datacenter in Antwerp. Our cloud software allows customers to easily download general product information and specific project configuration data. It also supports uploading project data for storage and reporting. Choose BAS BV for secure, efficient cloud services.

BAS BV offers training by experienced engineers either in-house or at customer locations. Our trainers, based in Belgium, Switzerland, and India, provide customer-specific product training for service engineer teams.

We also organize training on BAS core technologies, including Functional Safety, AI, and Explosion Protection. Choose BAS BV for comprehensive, targeted training solutions.
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